Introduction – spiritual growth


In this post I will give you a an overview of how a person can evolve as a being.

In this process it does not matter if you grew up in a so called spiritual or religious family/society or from a very secular one. It does not matter if you have been wealthy or poor, what social background, lineage or past you have had. It does not even matter how your past or present physical or mental state has been / is and it sure does not matter what age, gender or civil status you have.

All that matters is what happens with you from this present moment on.

As I grew up in Scandinavia and Swedish people are renowned for their desire for order, step by step processes and simple explanations which prove consequent each time..

Here is a simple “5-step List Of How To Grow Spiritually” with short explanations to give you an idea of its content:

1. Make yourself eligible – meaning there is a state, place, pattern and vibrational match for everything in this world. We can only recognize and understand what we at least have an association with. You have to make the effort to “come closer” to the people, beings and nature whom can teach you about yourself and spirituality by coming closer to their world of associations and ways of living. You build eligibility for step 2.

  • Result: All areas of your life will improve with even the slightest effort; mentally, physically, how you act and re-act in the world and in relationships.

2. Connect with Guru (tattva) –  meaning coming in contact with sources of information and the right elements at the right time, guiding you. If Guru is in physical form you will in “practicality” get initiated by a highly knowledgeable Guru whose teachings can show and help you evolve your life and spirituality.

  • Result: The most revolutionary step of them all. Truly a blessing and catalyst for everything there ever was. There is not many words I can write to describe this in short. It is a trip of a life time (and beyond), buckle up!

3. Practice Guru Seva – meaning offer yourself and your abilities to greater visions / the work of Gurus. See your love, gratitude, co-operation and zeal to learn be expressed in so many different and creative ways.

  • Result: You will enjoy living with a cleaner conscious, using and sharing your talents, connecting and affecting the lives of so many people instead of going in loops of self re-creation and comforts. You will build up eligibility for specific Sadhanas. You will have fun and you will work hard!

4. Practice Sadhana – meaning learn specific ways and recipes created by ancient and glorious masters to ignite and fine tune your awareness and undiscovered abilities. The possibilities are infinite.

  • Result: You will see how your life changes and how you can change the world. You become more and more privileged in choosing how to experience and understand life either as an observer or active participant. It is Magic!

5. Repeat the above – meaning always keep doing Seva & Sadhana since they definitely go hand in hand. Create opportunities to help others.

  • Result: You will live and flow vibrantly like a river since you pass and give up what you don’t need in order to attract and receive what you need to merge closer to the ocean of truth.

Sounds easy? In this blog I will explain the meaning of important words usually used and give very practical advice and instructions to be able to follow these 5 steps.

As a Bhairavi from Sweden who has grown up in a society without any of these concepts my first aim is to give advice for more people to build eligibility ❤



  1. I am not sure the place you’re getting your info, but good topic. I must spend some time studying much more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I was in search of this information for my mission.


  2. I am no longer certain where you are getting your information, but good topic. I must spend a while learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent information I was searching for this information for my mission.


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