Step 2. Connect with Guru (tattva)


“Step 2. Connect with Guru (tattva) –  meaning coming in contact with sources of information and the right elements at the right time, guiding you. If Guru is in physical form you will in “practicality” get initiated by a highly knowledgeable Guru whose teachings can show and help you evolve your life and spirituality.

  • Result: The most revolutionary step of them all. Truly a blessing and catalyst for everything there ever was. There is not many words I can write to describe this in short. It is a trip of a life time (and beyond), buckle up!”


On any spiritual path that is progressing, connecting with Guru is a highly necessary and personal “step”. That is why it is very challenging for me to describe and give specific guidance on how it will be for you once you are eligible. What I can do is to start with some easy-to-relate-with-pointers of the concept “Guru”. Hearing about its powerful potency may boost the awareness to follow the opportunity of connecting with Guru once it appears in your life.

Concept of Guru. Up until now you have already been affected and helped by Gurus in different ways throughout your life, more or less. For some people that will be enough to live their lives. For others who feel the need to find out more about life and existence a time comes when one can “up the game” so to speak. This means that you are ready to increase the speed and force of which you are evolving by getting connected to a Guru that knows how to guide you.

When discussing eligibility and the matter of getting in contact with a Guru a Bhairav told me that “With risk of sounding cliché…; Guru will appear when disciple is ready.” There is a time, place and way for everything.

Parents. The “guiding” can manifest in all shapes and constellations depending on what “the current sum of you” needs to learn about yourself. To understand the meaning of this one can relate to the saying that ones parents are ones first Gurus in life. Irrespective of if your grew up with your parents or if you grew up with someone else or even alone the concept and relation to parents has heavily affected your life and character. Everything from the type of personalities to ideas and perspectives to food and ways of life to rights and wrongs, interests and life meanings. All has been a mixed soup of catalyzing elements for you to connect or repell, thus making your own self and essence more clear. So weather you like it or not we all have been triggered by our parents and if I may say so, parents get triggered by their children too.

Infinite knowledge. What is different with a Guru is that this figure is highly aware of the play of triggers and leela/games that will affect you and thus can be the catalyst of situations that forces you to deal with yourself and your truth without losing vision and focus. A real Guru is highly skilled and knowledgeable, especially in the fields that you yourself have potential to grow from and find appealing. A very important aspect is also that Gurus also have Gurus, making themselves disciples of skilled masters, some on this earth and some in other realms of realities. This is what makes a real Gurus potency, the degree of connection to the chains and chains of self realized Gurus and Rishis / Rishikas and beings whom collectively nurture and protect the ancient experiences, experiments, creations, realizations, techniques and wisdom that has ever existed in human history. When one talks about that “The Vedas where transferred orally and that this is why even when colonizers and invaders of Indian land have been destroying and tampering with the physical scriptures throughout history they have not totally eliminated the source of knowledge.” (Clarification: It need not be orally but can also be universal conscience to conscience or being to being in various ways).

Praise and customs. With this short explanation it also gives the obvious explanation to why one can see Gurus be washed over with love, offerings and praise where disciples of spiritual path bow down or saluting the Guru figure / Gurus. Praise and reverence is meant to show respect, love and appreciation for the great task and skill of nurturing and harbouring the priceless knowledge of humanity and having compassion to help others on their path to the same source. A Gurus knowledge and compassion is like a gravity that attracts the disciple into connection. Depending on what kind of Guru it is there might be special etiquettes of conduct, much like patterns of behaviour in the Guru-disciple relationstips. This is all to create space in the mind of the disciple for learning. It can be a tool for people to understand the importance of the knowledge.

If you google the sanskrit word of “Guru” you will find the meaning being everything from “teacher” to “parent of the mind and soul” to the syllable meanings of Gu (darkness) and Ru (one who dispells them), thus “remover of darkness” who shows the essence of the soul to “the blind”. Let that sink in for a while… ❤

Gunas. One additional piece of information to explain the degree of uniqueness to the Guru-disciple tradition is the fact that our spiritual paths may be totally different since our essential qualities are different. Guna is a sanskrit word (with lack of better english word meaning “quality”) which is used to describe the state/quality/tendency/beingness of everything and being. To evolve you will be in connection with the ways, techniques and qualities of a Guru whom understand your prominent Guna. In some cases disciples are in need of a “tamasic” path like their Guru went through to reach self realization, in others they are “sattvic” or “rajasic” like their Guru and in other cases the Guru is so skillful that he/she/it can shift and master all these qualities depending on which disciple the connection is with.

Physical Guru. If you grew up like me in a more or less secular society and family where the concept of a physical Guru is either unknown, frowned upon or even feared or loathed it can be a shocking thing to get to know. Accepting this concept into our realities CAN BE OVERWHELMING since if done from the core of heart it means that your whole concept of life and reality and the unknown is in the midst of an earthquake breaking and shaking the very reality you once stood on. The only things that will help you on this path of re-discovery and change is L.O.V.E combined with fearlessness, (which is basically the same thing). Finding the information and connections coming towards you as practically or theoretically useful in your life is also a way to “ride the wave of acceptance”. With physical Guru I am writing about an actual figure, living person made of flesh and bones with a name and address and human life (depending if they live as vairagya or grihasta / renounciate or householder). The person may have had a very unique upbringing with penance and access to Gurus and simultaneously have several states of beings that go beyond his/her/its flesh and bones body but; the person is still a person whom at first sight seems like a human like you and me. This means that there is a possibility of a very direct and easily transmittable connection between Guru and deciple. The physical guru usually gives a deeksha/initiation to establish a connection with the disciple. (This can only happen if deciple is ready). Physical Gurus themselves or through their disciples, in Tantric tradition called Bhairav / Bhairavis, can teach you both practical and theoretical tools in various areas of life. You can have conversations, share moments and activities together and you can get lectures and answers to immediate questions when given the chance. Being initiated by Guru means you can start getting to know the powerful and refine tools of Sadhana suitable for your abilities and potential.

Guru Tattva. Having in mind that we have been guided by people, places, elements of our surrounding all our life the concept of Guru tattva is basically the same but a “turbo” version of it. We live in societies and environments where we play different roles, are involved in different structures and relationships with people and collective rules of society. This adds veils/masks to our ability of deciphering what we need to be doing to bloom or grow as beings. We might know that when we go to the forrest, the nature and elements there will help us get grounded and thus more calm and silent to be able to listen to ourselves and signs to follow. A seasoned spiritual practitioner ⁄ deciple knows its weaknesses as well as abilities in relation to all surroundings and tattvas (element/aspect of reality) and is therefore able to draw or receive information and divine guidance no matter where they are. The concept of physical Guru and guru tattva are not in contradiction, in fact a knowledgeable Guru will push you into independence to test your ability of guiding “yourself”. As one can imagine and as we have seen through history it is detrimental to peoples growth when they rely and depend on one single “income” of guidance and stick to that no matter what even when times have changed. A Guru also teaches you about the impermanence of everything. When realities change we must have tools that can sustain through it all. Everlasting tools.. So yes, this concept of Guru Tattva (essence of Guru) being in everything might be more easy to grasp and understand theoretically for a person growing up in a secular society. To practically and more subtly receive guidance and knowledge from this though, (in almost all cases), requires one to go through the path of physical Guru, if one is lucky/blessed/eligible to do so. If one needs to go through physical Guru is also something that changes across the cycles of Yugas.

With this said I hope it is clear that I by no means am saying that there is one way or path of living that is better than the other. We really have different needs in life and whoever is interested and eligible for this Tantric path will hopefully be guided to follow and learn. We are many Bhairavs and Bhairavis that come from a multitude of backgrounds and are collectively and individually learning, supporting and contributing with what we need to continue in this vast school of Tantra. ❤

As a Swedish-Persian Bhairavi I would like to invite you to embrace your own curiosity to learn more about yourself and how you can serve this world. We all need you and I for one have your back, especially if you are coming from the world that I came from. I am not going to hide that it is tuff. Sometimes you will feel like you are being torn apart and sometimes your composition and existence seems ever clear.

I know for sure it is worth it if one surrenders and this leads to the concept of “Guru Seva”, step 3, which is the next post.

(Knowing that I have used some terminology in this post that should be explained, look out for posts giving basic info on: Parents, Chain of Gurus – Guru Mandala, Rishi / Rishika, Leela, Deeksha/Initiation, Sadhana, Gunas, Vairagya/Grihasta, Penance, Tattva, Initiation camps, Bhairav / Bhairavi, Disciple, The 4 Yugas, Kaulantak Peeth – Tantric Tradition, Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath)


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