Step 3. Guru Seva – give yourself


“Step 3. Practice Guru Seva – meaning offer yourself and your abilities to greater visions / the work of Gurus. See your love, gratitude, co-operation and zeal to learn be expressed in so many different and creative ways.

  • Result: You will enjoy living with a cleaner conscious, using and sharing your talents, connecting and affecting the lives of so many people instead of going in loops of self re-creation and comforts. You will build up eligibility for specific Sadhanas. You will have fun and you will work hard!”


After you have connected and gotten initiated by Guru through for example the Guru Deeksha at a specific Sadhana Initiation Camp the time begins where you will begin to identify your own strengths and weaknesses regarding you evolution. As mentioned before we all have special abilities that vary in degree and we all have different types of desires and egos that make up our identities. The Seva – in short known as selfless service – that you do for Gurus is very, very potent and it must be mentioned that although doing seva in everyday life is wonderful and fruitful; Guru Seva is quite different and an opportunity never to be missed.

“A drop in the ocean”. Trying to explain Guru Seva is similar to explaining Why and How a single molecule of water exists in a majestic flowing stream and how the stream is a stream because of all the water molecules being connected.

There is a source, the source has great Shakti (force) and a Drishti (direction) that enables every drop of water to collectively become the stream and thus flow, create, express and experience what is needed to journey on into the known and unknown.

Don’t think too much. This post is not a strict multi-step guideline for “How to do Guru Seva” because this kind of seva is not a chore to check off your list. If you have come to this point where you are eligible to serve Guru you are on a whole other level where these kinds of to-do lists with selling reasons for why you should do seva are no longer needed. You are most probably a person who is aware of how you feel “in your heart” and can follow it organically as a compass for your service and evolution in life.

Prem, love, devotion. Guru Seva is an inevitable expression of love. A connection, devotion, innocent yet powerful with Shakti that the deciple feels is impossible not to express. It is as strong as the most beautiful and passionate love story you have ever felt. The stronger ups and downs of passion and love you have experienced in your life(times), the bigger the space in your heart has become and thus the bigger space you will have for the Shakti of Guru to flow through you. This leads to your practice of seva becoming more “reckless”, uninhibited, wild and devoted.

Writing about this……reminds me of when Ishaputra was talking to me and another Bhairav in Sweden about what love is. ( Big topic ❤ ) We were casually sitting on his bed one evening and talking about love and life. After many beautiful explanations with questions and answers he asked us to draw a straight line on a paper. As a “good eager to learn student” I took quite some time to draw this line as straight, STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT AS I COULD. Realising I had failed and that my line will never be perfectly straight I shyly showed it to him. Ishaputras words are still with me saying that whoever draws a perfect straight line is not a lover. A lover is not a perfect straight line, a lover is a mad and uneven line, a passionate line, an uncontrolled line, that is a lover!

With Guru Seva being an expression of love, and being in love is not a controlled state of being, then you understand why you should just follow your intuition when doing seva for Guru and trust that you will be guided. There is no need for a manual.

Shakti of the source. Remembering the source and force of the flowing stream; in other words: Guru will guide and enable your seva. You might be asked to do a task, you might be in a situation where your abilities are needed to accomplish or create or convey something. A Guru sees your qualities and knows how to develop you. In the Tantric tradition and University of Kaulantak Peeth the 64 kalas (more or less translated to “art forms”) are practiced. Seva for Guru is the greatest and most effective way Bhairav and Bhairavis develop their excellence in the different kalas and build eligibility for learning and practicing Sadhana. It is the art of blessed action.

Drishti of the source. For some people when they have come to a point where they have gained some privileges or mental peace in this world it might feel easier for them to just live by their self. To stay in as less action as possible to avoid entanglement of more Karma, tragedy, failure, fatigue or disappointment. For others they are in a state where they feel they could do so much but they can’t seem to get their personal drishti/vision/direction to be fruitful and they might end up feeling useless and alone. For such cases I want to say that we cannot always see further than our own perspective and prejudices. The drishti and vision of a highly knowledgable Guru, with connection to many eternal Gurus like Guru Mandala will enable you to be of service to the whole world and serve individually and collectively at the same time. All different ways are natural and valid. You should only give yourself up if you really feel there is nothing else you would rather do.

If love is not there. Sometimes on this journey you might have periods where you do not feel the love as pure as you know it could be, there might be a discord or blurriness in the way. In some cases it can be that a person, especially if one is from a secular society doesn’t feel appealed by serving what seems to be “only a flesh and bones person”, the human figure of a Guru. In other cases it can be that the different images and illusions of the Guru (for example the personality, the ego, the personal relationships or actions of the Guru figure) triggers parts of your ego and disturbs your unconditional love. In all these cases, see what abstract idea of Guru Tattva you can serve instead. It might be easier to reconnect with the grander Tattva (essence) of Gurus in a more subtle way helping you to keep a birds eye view of the egos that are at play.

There is no need to push. Take time. To be frank, a real Guru doesn’t want or need your service or contribution if the origin of your action is blurry/impure. And if it was not pure from the beginning it is the Gurus responsibility and blessings to clear off that Karma. The source where the contribution, material, financial or service comes from is always pure when it is Guru Seva.

Supporting each other. I will share my greatest respect and love for everyone who is practicing Seva for Kaulantak Nath, Peeth and Guru Mandala. Be that financial, material, in service or through the Akasha (sky/spiritual space). In the great atmosphere of service alone or with others; the greatest devotion and faith is probably the Seva which is done guided in unannounced silence.

Like many other Bhairavis around the world I would drop anything to be able to practice Guru Seva and the greatest moments of my life has been to be in that state. The tasks may vary from season to season; everything from singing divine songs and mantras to cleaning toilets, sweaping the floors, greeting people in English at the Ashram to cooking food for Ishaputra and his Bhairav and Bhairavis or “prestigiously” demonstrating yoga asanas beside Ishaputra-Kaulantak Nath himself during The Origin of Yoga Teacher training course for masters.

It has all been bliss to me. My heart and eyes tear up just thinking about it.

Sabhi Bhairav-Bhairaviyon ki sada jay ho! My wish is to serve the greater you.

With love,

Swedish Bhairavi




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