Step 4. Practice Sadhana – discover worlds


“Step 4. Practice Sadhana – meaning learn specific ways and recipes created by ancient and glorious masters to ignite and fine tune your awareness and undiscovered abilities. The possibilities are infinite.

  • Result: You will see how your life changes and how you can change the world. You become more and more privileged in choosing how to experience and understand life either as an observer or active participant. It is Magic!”


Here comes the step that is colourful, personal, ever-changing, transformative and recorded in the universal and individual Akasha.

Wiki says the meaning of Sadhana is “a means of accomplishing something” and an ego-transcending spiritual practice. And I agree.

As I explained in Step 1 – Make yourself eligible one can practice different things. everything from “making all actions in everyday life your spiritual practice” or go to the local yoga studio and practice some asanas, or read a book on a “new” mindfulness technique. All of these steps are great in comparison to not devoting any time at all for self practice. In secular societies the things that are usually available are certain snapshots of some ambitious persons interpretation of greater techniques they have heard about or tried practicing. And since these persons have the privilege of being fluent in the language and ways of living in a secular society they can package these practices and appeal to a broader audience. Very few people have had the chance to practice Sadhana according to the ancient Guru-disciple tradition where there are no filters, no middle step interpretors. It is instead a crystal clear transmission and highly specific for you and your journey. Nowadays though even most spiritual societies have lost the Guru-disciple tradition where the Guru is still connected and in communion with the greater universal Gurus.

This leads to the beautiful topic of Maha Himalaya. In short, there is no other place on earth where the concentration of practicing Sadhakas, Yogis and Siddhas is that high. And it is so because that is the place where the original Guru-disciple tradition has kept itself alive, most in secret. I will also write a post about Maha Himalaya but until then see Kaula Bhairavs post on Maha Himalaya:


For a practitioner of life that is dedicated to learning more, an authentic path, taking part in this knowledge is a great blessing and synchronicity. It is only you that will decide if you will proceed to experience and support the real source or not. The difference is great and what you choose will affect not only the future of Himalaya but also your own evolution during this life time (and the ones to come).

Guru Seva & Sadhana. From what I have understood so far Guru Seva & Sadhana go hand in hand so I have probably already made a mistake in separating them in different posts. Bear with me.

To be able to do certain seva you acquire specific Siddhis (powers/abilities). Siddhis develop easily in presence of Guru when they are needed for greater purpose, which Guru Seva always is in one way or the other. Some siddhis we have acquired from past lives and some we are developing in this life if we are lucky. There is always expansion and space for continuous improvement but there are levels of mastery too. It is not always necessary to be in the presence of Guru to develop your practice it is just usually more effective and beneficial for yourself as well as others. There are stories of practitioners through history though who have done penance or practiced deep sadhana to acquired siddhis and then started using them for personal enjoyment based in ego and gratification. They have thus lost some or all the intensity of the siddhi and also had to pay for the consequences that they caused.

In this world besides acquiring siddhis, Sadhana helps you to ground yourself in your true self and light so that you are not dependent on the immediate illusions around you. These illusions keep our minds occupied with loops of behaviours that keep us stuck in the same or deteriorating state. Sadhana lets you sense light and shakti being worked through your vessle, making you feel connected and “of divinity” or “made in divinity”. It is your conversation with yourself and the essence of life.

Sadhana Initiation camps & courses. In Kaulantak Peeth and Himalaya there are specific sadhana initiations and those that you are eligible for you can be initiate in. The types and variety of sadhana initiations are endless and I will write a post about initiations connected to Kaulantak Peeth too. Areas and sadhanas such as Ayuruveda, Hypnosis, Astrology, different paths of Yoga according to ancient Rishis and Gurus, Alchemy to different kalas and siddhis of Dance, Music and martial arts traditions. There are even initiations for unlocking and enabling the potency and correct circumstances of specific mantras and yantras so you can practice and develop your physicality, psychology and being. Until I have written about these initiations please check for current information on the web and social media of Kaulantak Peeth Univeristy in Himalaya. Keep in mind and heart that this tradition has been secret and secluded for a very long time with a certain kind of customs that are appropriate for the land and tattvas (essence/element) concerned there so now when it is opening up it is still very raw and not always packaged in a way that will remove all your “secular society-judgments” you have learnt since you where a child. That is a Swedish Bhairavis heads-up for you. ❤

Fo me Sadhana is the expression of the magic joy and love of learning, exploring and nurturing your and the worlds creativity and beauty. Sadhana is also, for the blessed ones, the path of Moksha (liberation). Ishaputra-Kaulantak Nath said to me in Sweden that only those who have the great great zeal and heart to learn will learn!

May Gurus always bless you with guidance,

Swedish Bhairavi



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