Bhairav / Bhairavi


When I first met Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath in Sweden 2015 he started calling me Bhairavi Ji amongst other names (Ji is a term of respect freely used in Hindi language). Not knowing anything about it I of course after some days asked him what this “Bhairavi” means. At that time, since I had just met him and since I was raised in Scandinavia in a secular setting he told me in simple words I could understand that being a Bhairavi is something very great and that the meaning of Bhairav / Bhairavi is to be a fearless soul, a warrior soul with a great heart. So it is not warrior as in a testosterone driven murder enthusiast but a warrior in the sense of fearless protecter of truths of life.

Even if you don’t continue reading further on this post it is more than enough just knowing that the term Bhairavi more or less means; Fearless woman, soul, being who will live through life as she pleases to find and shed light on truth by being in her own truth. I will write a few pointers more about the concept and being of Bhairav / Bhairavi below.

Tantric Tradition. The name you see for this blog is Swedish Bhairavi, this is a bit mis leading since being a Bhairavi actually has nothing to do with nationality. Rather it has to do with the Tantric tradition and its seekers of spirituality. Bhairavi is also a Hindu Goddess, one of the Mahavidyas, the Goddess who was the consort of Kala Bhairava. Here also comes the concept of Shiv & Adi Shakti. Since this is a whole other big subject in and of itself I will simply write that Bhairav and Bhairavi are one of many manifestations of Shiv & Shakti.

Abilities and egos. Bhairav and Bhairavis are all on a fierceful spiritual journey and many will not stop at anything to come closer to truth. (With all due respect I can testify that we are all quite kooky and nerdy. Probably the most nutty people I’ve ever met and I have met some real nutty people throughout my life!) All have different abilities, potential for different Siddhis and all have egos to understand and work with. Bhairavs and Bhairavis use their abilities for greater causes, like for the work of Gurus. Unlike many peoples imagination of “spiritual people”, that they all live alone in the jungle doing pranayama everyday and live off of solar energy the meaning of Bhairavi is that one has the power to live in Bhog (sensory world and pleasures) and Moksha (Liberation) simultaneously. They happen at the same time, the working out of ones karma. With this said many Bhairav and Bhairavis do live alone like described above too.

Whether being conscious of it or not when practicing Guru Seva together with other Bhairav and Bhairavis one is also affecting, catalysing, triggering, supporting each others needed and necessary experiences to work out the karma. This can therefore be both bitter and sweet and since it is in the presence of Guru and the Guru is the seer and catalyst of the this Leela (plays of the sensory world) the Guru also has the responsibility for the outcome.
Bhairavi Tattva. This tattva meaning essence, quality is established in the practitioner through the Guru deeksha and from there on the Bhairavi will start the journey of discovering what this tattva means in reality of simultaneous Bhog and Moksha.
In this world and Yuga of orchestrated chaos and outside inputs to our identities Bhairavi Tattva is the essence in you that will make you walk through the different fires of life knowing you are paving your own way and nobody elses. In Tantra all paths are legit as long as it is your own truth. A Bhairavi is fearless, chooses her own experiences, has faith in the Guru and no matter what the outside world is saying she knows that the ultimate truth is in the space she creates within herself. A life of a Bhairav and Bhairavi is a lifestyle of experimentation and they do not fear what neighbours/society/authority will say.
The mantra. There is a Bhairav seed mantra where the seed mantra BHAM is a destroyer of fear. The seed syllable connects and establishes the Kundalini (Spiritual life force) chakra of BHAM in the practitioner. (There are many more chakras than the 7 most known ones. All catalysing different tattvas, essences through specific practices. One way of establishing is the effective practice of Mantras). This is why a Bhairavi will try to know this tattva and essence very well, learn it so that she can experience it practically in life. Then eventhough the outside world will try to make the Bhairav and Bhairavi fall down, like warriors they will start to move differently in this world.
Mirrors of truth. They will definitely listen and know about what is going on in the world but they will not always need to act or react on it. Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath mentioned that when authorities and people who come up with comments, advice and dictations of “This is wrong, This is right, Why are you doing this, Do that instead” to the Bhairavas they simply say: What is the meaning of life? You do not need to tell me. I will myself find out. I will move forward in my journey by finding my own truth.


One other aspect of reflecting truth or at least searching for it is the nerdiness and zeal to learn things, dissect them, to question the imposed and current reality that sleeps like a veil in our societies. To this he said: Bhairavas are best in science and knowledge too. The nonsense of theism-atheism, which is called philosophy, they are proficient in all of them. One speciality of the Bhairav and also of the Bhairavi; If you tell them to give religious discourse. They will go on for hours. They will lose nothing. 1 day, 4 days, 1 month, 2 months, 1 year, 10 years,  the entire life. Then, tell them to start taking the side of atheism. Then, there is no greater atheist than them on this earth.
We are all very different and although connected in the same stream of Shakti each Bhairavis manifestation is unique. With love,
Swedish Bhairavi

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