Kaulantak Peeth – Ancient Tantra Of Himalaya


A spectrum of possibilities. I will give you bits and pieces of this mysterious sphere called Kaulantak Peeth. Sit back and read in peace. Then see which color, which wavelength, what words resonate with you in this current moment. For anyone who is on a spiritual journey Kaulantak Peeth is now opening its various hidden doors, spread out like a spectrum of possibilities on different wavelengths. Some can perceive all, some yet perceive none. If you find one of the doors and it sparks an interest in you; you have the possibility to walk through it and find what you as a being need to evolve gracefully.

As a Swedish-Persian Bhairavi from a secular world my aim with this post is to describe the more tangible and practical parts of Kaulantak Peeth first. Think of it as the top of the iceberg. Or honestly….it is more like the first nanometer of the iceberg if you get what I mean.

Coming as you are. As I have mentioned before in the introduction post you can be of whatever background. So instead of me writing down all different ways to being different you should understand that whatever might set you and people like you apart in one way or the other, through the eyes of normal society does not determine if you can further your spiritual practice in Kaulantak Peeth. These things have never mattered in the world of this Peeth. When in many spiritual traditions women were banned Kaulantak Peeth was allowing all to develop their skills and their being as per their karma and eligibility. This means that there are female Gurus, Rishikas, Sadhakas, Yoginis, Bhairavis and even Goddesses who are highly respected and who are the bearer of knowledge and light.

Two natural schools. There are two main schools of practice. One is the Theist school and the other is the Atheist school. The theist practitioners aim to merge with and be of, with and in the divine, something that only believers can imagine; and the atheist practitioners aim to dissect and overcome the forces of the environment through personal development in the arts and sciences. These schools are of course intertwined in some levels and students can practice what they see fit and are eligible for. There is a way of spiritual practice for everyone. It seems so logic and it is proven in the wide range throughout time and history where Kaulantak Peeth always has had Rishis, Seers, Gurus, scientists, artists, luminaries and practicioners experimenting and pushing the limits of consciousness. Some where believers of God and the divine and some definitely not. The point is that all diversities are given thee chance to bloom and develop in their own field.

Being honoured with an invitation to Kaulantak Peeth and after coming here I have since the beginning felt and thought it is like an X-Men school. Yes, I mean from the Hollywood movie X-Men! If you have seen it, I tell you Kaulantak Peeth is like a center, a sphere, a school, a place like that; where no matter where you will go, what siddhis (abilities) you will develop and why, no matter if you are out to save or destroy the world, if you are an evolving eligible being you are welcome to learn from the ancient masters and try your wings.

Layers of paths. The different paths are not only about being a believer or not it also has to do with how we are composed as beings. This leads to the concept of Gunas; Tamas, Rajas and Sattva correlated to the three main paths of Tantra practice Vama Marg Tantra (left hand path), Dakshina Marga Tantra (right hand path) and Madhya Marga Tantra (Middle path). These are very vast and extremely interesting subjects which will only broaden your understanding and compassion for diversity and different states of beings and their manifestations in this world. If you immediately want to read more, visit Kaula Bhairavs post: https://kaulabhairav.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/sattva-rajas-tamas-the-threefold-universal-principle/

A seat of knowledge. A Peeth in this sense plays a part in nurturing knowledge and ways of living. I must mention that there are Panch Peeth (five seats). Below is an excerpt from Kaulantak Peeths official page:

Along with Kaulantak Peeth in Himalaya, Jalandhar Peeth, Kurma Peeth, Varaha Peeth and Shree Peeth were established in different parts in the Indian subcontinent. Kaulantak Peeth is a Siddha Peeth, It gives prime importance to Darshan (Spiritual philosophies), Tapa (penance) and Sadhana (Spiritual practices). Kaulantak Peeth is especially known for Yoga, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Karma Kand Rituals, Alchemical sciences, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Music, Dance, Paintings, warfare, and many other such art forms. Because of Siddha Yogis, this Peeth is applauded across the world. Since ancient of days, Kaulantak Peeth has been known for its unconventional approach to spiritual practices.

The Kaulantak Peeth University. After many years of being hidden, with Gurus and disciples living in various depths of Maha Himalaya and never having had the need of a materialized institution things are now changing as our world is changing and the need of guidance for talented souls is evident. Kaulantak Peeth University will be a great spiritual hub and a way of establishing a physical place for people around the world to more easily be able to come and learn. For example the ancient and spiritual language of Tankari has almost died out. In Himalayan villages one can find people having old Tankari books dusting away but few to none know how to read them anymore. These are precious books containing spiritual practices and historic scriptures that will be lost if the language is lost. The only one now whom can professionally read and understand this language is Ishaputra-Kaulantak Nath himself and he has started to teach it to Bhairav and Bhairavis. I remember him talking about this to me while in Sweden. How he dedicated his university studies for this and how faculty of languages were asking him to create a system to preserve this tradition. This amongst many other fields such as Yoga, Music, Dance and all above mentioned arts is what will be taught at Kaulantak Peeth University in Himalaya. I will definitely write more posts on this in the future.

I share with you a beautiful text from the official Kaulantak Peeth web site that might test your imagination and receptivity:

A society of hidden elite, a luminous beacon in a corrupt and squalid world. Free from hurt, sorrow, fear and shame, in Kaulantak Peeth one finds diverse races of the cosmos. Yoginis, Yogis, Bhairav, Bhairavis, Yaksha, Yakshini, Kinner, Kirat, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Siddha, Rishi, Muni, divine Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Prophets, Masters, and Asuras like Daityas, Danavas, Rakshasa, bhoot, pret, pisach, and mortal men. All engrossed in perfecting their spiritual practices.

Even though some of aforementioned races of beings are not friendly to one another outside Kaulantak Peeth, in here they all are in blissful harmony in their individual quest of discovery, transcendence and metamorphosis. One finds virtues and honor as driving ethics here rather than externally imposed laws. Law of Karma is the functioning motor of the realm. Knowing at deeper levels that good and evil are not absolute but, there is honor and dishonor. Focussing on knowledge, kindliness and courage and not regretful hankering over past deeds. It is free from limited thinking and lifestyle of ordinary world.

Here one finds men and women who value knowledge, freedom and power. Here one encounters lofty beings who can verily be called ubermensch, overmen, supramental or evolved beings and angels. There are Yogis adept in their practices, transcending the rules of the system of the world, ever engrossed in deep meditation here. Ancient seers of the fire mist hidden in veils of their illusionary tricks. Free from normal concerns of body maintenance and wrapped in bodies of light they, with eyes looking inward, yet are observing the whole cosmos. Adept Siddhas furthering their journey in the infinite. 


Kaulantak Peeth calls all sentient beings everywhere, who are waking up from the stupor of the modern day globalized, industrialized nightmare that our planet has been turned into to awaken and take control of our destinies as separate, yet equally respected traditions and cultures.

Read more from the official web site: http://www.kaulantakpeeth.com/en/kaulantakpeeth.php

If you want to participate in one of the Sadhana Initiation Camps, The Origin Of Yoga Teacher Training Course or enroll in a course or program of Kaulantak Peeth University. Contact information is on the official web page and social media. I am at your service for questions that resonate with me to answer.

With love,

Swedish Bhairavi



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