Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath


A remarkable life. There is nobody I have known in real life to be as special, gifted and trancendental as Ishaputra. In fact, no text, no video, no medium except the medium of a totally enlightened soul will be able to perceive Ishaputra in his true light. Not only is his normal human life extraordinary, but his spiritual journey and his super consciousness is rendering me speechless and silent. Honestly, even though friends and family who know me think very highly of me as a human and being, I am telling you that I am really Nobody to attempt boxing the concept of Ishaputra into an article on a blog. I have avoided this even though as a Swedish Bhairavi it has felt like I was given the secret of a life time, a diamond I hope everyone gets to see at some point in their life(lives). It now seems like the time is here for me to at least give some basic information in my own words about Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath MahaYogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj.

Again I say that for these descriptions to not be Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart” (Shakespeare), you have to experience it for yourself. That is the only way you will know what is truth and what is not.

A baby was born. In 1983 August 23, Ishaputra was born in a mountain village of Himachal Pradesh, India called Larji. In this blue colored wooden house next to the bank of the Tirthan river he was born into the family of Mohar and Yugal Singh Thakur Ji as their elder son. The family was happy and did not suspect anything to be out of the ordinary until Ishaputra was 2,5 years old and a peculiar man came knocking on their house. The man claimed the little toddler was a disciple of him from a past life and he asked that the child should be handed over to his custody. Imagine! As any “normal” mother and father, they made it clear they would do no such thing and even filed a police report on the man.

The grace of Gurus. Now in retrospect his parents know that this odd man knocking on their door was actually a being known as Maha Himalayaeshwar (Lord of Himalayas). Since his young age of 22 he had renounced the human civilization, in the state of deep samadhi in the far reaches of Khandadhaar mountain range in Himalaya. He being a Solar master has been living only on energies of the sun and transcended the human needs of eating and so on for survival. His name is *……OM……* HH Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji Maharaj and he indeed had past life associations with Ishaputra as being his SatGuru, the true master of Ishaputra.

When Ishaputra was born, seasoned yogis, yoginis and siddha practitioners who were in deep meditation and spread out in different parts of deeper Himalaya saw this birth in their inward eyes, visions of divinity manifesting in earths gross reality. And of course so did the grand being and SatGuru, Lord of Himalaya. This was the reason why he came knocking on the door of Ishaputras family. He even correctly predicted different signs on the toddlers body, like the appearance of a chakra on his foot. Although these identifications did not convince Ishaputras parents at first they after some time agreed that Ishaputra would be trained and initiated for spiritual practices by Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji Maharaj. So he began (or more correctly continued) the Guru-disciple connection from the age of 3. When Ishaputra was 7 years old he was already practicing in higher ranges of Himalaya with various gurus. After receiving Shaktipat through his Satguru’s eyes, Ishaputra went into Yoga Nidra. This continued for a period of time and his body went through various physical changes until the Kundalini Shakti stabilized in him.


Guru Mandala. Until there is a separate post on this I will give a brief description of what this is knowing that no words and not even the sound of music will ever be enough. Guru Mandala is a council of Gurus, some on earth in deep Himalayas and some in higher realms of reality. They are all Siddha masters in different fields of existence and spiritual practice. Ishaputra has been a disciple of 38 of these Gurus in various intensity during his life and this is the source of his immense knowledge.

One example Ishaputra told me about in Sweden, it is also available on the official web page of Kaulantak Peeth and it beautifully says:

His Guru Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji Maharaj instructed Ishaputra to visit a village in Assam to study Tantra and Aghora under a mysterious Bhairavi known as ‘Jayendra Bhairavi Ji’ or ‘Daian Maa’. She is one of the thirty eight gurus of Ishaputra. This lady guru is so mysterious that even her family has no idea of her being a siddha of highest order in field of Tantra and Aghora. Even though she has never visited Himachal Pradesh, she and Ishaputra’s satguru Shree Siddha Siddhanta Nath Ji Maharaj have astral communications.

If you want to read all from the official web page see this link:

Sadhana, Seva, Penance & Mastery. Ishaputra has done absolutely incredible Penance, Seva and Sadhana in Himalaya during his life and all has been under supervision and instructed by his Gurus. Siddha masters of Kaulantak Peeth are known for extreme penance. Fasting and practicing Tapa until the very limits of body. Withstanding extreme heat, cold, rain, wild animals, shortage of food and water, loneliness, and many unsaid miseries. Thus he has acquired unfathomable Siddhis (abilities) and knowledge. There is no way I can write all of them here but I will write a list of some of the different areas:

Ishaputra masters various yogic disciplines and at the humble age of 7 he could move beyond Yama & Niyama of Yoga. He has completely mastered all forms of yoga, known to the world through books, and the hidden yoga which can only be learned from a qualified master. His knowledge of yoga included different schools of yoga promoted by MahaRishis independently in ancient times like Maharishi Patanjali, Pancha Sikhacharya, Jaigishvyaacharya, Vaarshganyaacharya, and many other schools of Rishis. He is a Surya MahaYogi and master of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Naad Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Yog of secret Kriyas. Ishaputra also took inspirations from Yagyavalkya and Guru Gorakhsa Nath‘s teachings.  He has mastered more than 10000 yoga asanas. He is also adept in the mystic chakra based yoga of Shaiva & Shakta kula. Apart from the 300 Pranayamas, Ishaputra has mastered various Mudras and Bandhas.

He is like a living oracle of all 64 Kalas (art forms) as well as the vast and transcendental areas of Yantra, Mantra*, Tantra, Karma kand rituals, Ayurveda*, Warfare & martial arts, Jyotish* & Astrology, Alchemy, Vidyas*Dance, Music, Painting, Poetry, Orations and many hidden art forms of siddhas of Himalaya which are yet unknown to the world.

Note on Mantra* Ishaputra has thousands and thousands of mantra in his super conscious mind. He is not only expert in Shabar Mantra, Vedic Mantra, Tantrik Mantra, Beej Mantra, but also is adept in mantras of different Mahavidyas and Upa Vidyas, Haadi Kaadi, Madhu Matangi, Para Apara and Laukik Alaukik mantras.

Note on Ayurveda* Ishaputra has carefully studied the Grantha Trayi which are Charak Samhita, Kashyap Samhita and Sushrut Samhita. He has studied under two adept masters and learned divine knowledge in field of Ayurveda. He learnt various methods in preparing medicinal concoctions, Rasas, powders, jellies and oils. He also learnt Naadi or pulse examination techniques and identification of diseases. Ishaputra is well versed in various medicinal herbs, Jadi Buti in Himalayan ranges. He is also an expert practitioner in rituals of these herbs, solutions for various problems using these herbs as per Jyotish and Tantra Totaka. He also learnt some very rare and divine herbs and flowers found in Himalayan ranges. And also learnt identification of wild mushroom and even unique uses of even poisonous mushrooms in medicine preparations.

Note on Jyotish* This is not just about planet calculations so-called Astrology. As Yoga, Jyotish is also a diverse field. There are primarily six types of Jyotish: 1. Niriyan Jyotish 2. Saayan Jyotish 3. Samudrik Jyotish 4. Tantra Jyotish 5. Divya Drishti 6. Kaal Gyan

Note on Vidyas* To understand the hidden meanings of Vidya and ancient scriptures. Ishaputra has mentioned that primarily five such codification scripts are used in Himalaya. 1. Brahma Lipi 2. Devalipi 3. Bhoot Lipi 4. Tankari Lipi 5. Rahasya Lipi

For the theists. Looking at the list of above masteries one cannot imagine how one person can learn all of this in one life time. But his knowledge is here! I have seen and heard and “touched” it with my own hands. When I see this type of intelligence, knowledge and interactions between Guru and disciple the idea of past lives does not seem like a far off concept at all. I know this is the far limit for many Atheists but here comes more supernatural “information”:

Event though it would mean that all the enjoyments and illusions of the world would disappear due to one having experienced truth; Ishaputra still asked his Maha Guru to know about Death. His Guru told him that to know death he has to know about his past lives. For Ishaputra to be able to see his past lives he then showered BrahmaPath on Ishaputra. This rendered Ishaputra unconscious of his physical body for five days and nights. This is the reason why he now also has access to all the gained knowledge and learnings of his past lives. As if this is not enough through very reckless and harsh penance he even had three hours of Darshan and personal time with Mother Goddess Bhagwati Ji.

The title Kaulantak Nath. Ishaputra was selected after rigorous tests of Himalaya out of the four disciples of HH Shri Siddhant Nath Ji Maharaj to become the head of Kaulantak Peeth named Kaulantak Nath or Peethadheeshwar (Head of Kaulantak / Head of Peeth). The one who is titled Kaulantak Nath has to have knowledge of all sciences of Yoga. Along with threefold path of Tantra, Aghora, Satva, Bhakti and Devotion, Kaulantak Nath must also be knower of hidden and various other streams of knowledge.

Practical and Esoteric work. Kaulantak Nath has big responsibility to the evolution of consciousness and all beings in Himalaya and around the world. This is why his heart and work is for all people regardless of cast, creed, sex, religion, background or any such separating things. Although there is vast information about the subtle and spiritual meaning of what it means to do the work of Kaulantak Nath; and also which other lofty elated beings have been titled head of Peeth (the position of Kaulantak Nath) throughout the history of times; I will give examples of practical areas that our current Kaulantak Nath has worked for.

In Himachal Pradesh he has initiated various events for everything from awareness of womens rights to work and events for planting of trees, blood donation, global warming, prevention of crimes, spreading awareness about AIDS, many environmental awareness programs for cleanliness and preventing pollution like the hazard of polythene usage, protecting the wild life and fauna of Himalaya, promoting the youth to reject poisons and toxins of addictive drugs, working to save diverse languages and cultures in Himachal Pradesh, informing and supporting ancient ecological farming; supporting, including and taking a clear stand for people who get discriminated due to dated labels of “lower caste” as well as expressing clearly his disagreement as well as cases with agreement with the government. Kaulantak Nath has held Yoga camps to raise money for the community, actively worked against animal sacrifice and worked for correct practice of Tantra.  He is spreading awareness to stop girl fetus abortions and girl child murder. Due to the lack of honest and impartial media coverage Kaulantak Nath has also started a new Independent Media House called News Live Now, that aims to share the truth. These are only some of the areas which Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath has made a great impact.

Elected Panch Peethadheeshwar. Ishaputra was a BalaYogi only 12 years of age when he started having disciples three times his age. Some even older Renounciates joined the group of disciples to learn from Ishaputra. Being made a guru since age twelve there used to be many Sadhus, Sanyasis and Householder disciples around Ishaputra. Some even started living with him. Now he is living in the village of Balichowki with his Guru Maa, mother and younger brother. A team of selected few Bhairav and Bhairavis practice Seva managing the Ashram where Sadhana Initiation Camps are held as well as Kaulantak Peeth University. He lives in a Rajasic manner with special customs and ways of interacting.

Since he was titled Panch Peethadheeshwar (Head of not only one Peeth but all five; Kaulantak Peeth in Himalaya, Jalandhar Peeth, Kurma Peeth, Varaha Peeth and Shree Peeth) Ishaputra set out to travel the world and share his knowledge of various spiritual paths to all eligible beings.

The veil of Ishaputra. As I wrote in the beginning, there is a lot to this life of his and pretty incredible and impossible to describe in a post. Kaulantak Nath has many faces and layers to the web of Maya and Matrika (Matrix) around him and is always in some state of spontaneous Samadhi. As Bhairavs and Bhairavis it is blissful to interact with him but it can also be like playing with fire. I will have to write additional posts about when Ishaputra came to Sweden, how life in Ashram is and his mission to introduce the ancient and more Sattvic Tantra in this Yuga.

With love,

Swedish Bhairavi


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