Mantras for Eligibility


Here are 5 effective mantras from Himalaya for building our eligibility for further spiritual practices. At least coming across these Mantras and having the zeal to learn about them is beneficial as a start for a spiritual practitioner who wants to come in contact with Gurus (tattva). The descriptions are basic since each Mantra has an intense history and meaning behind it and it is best to hear them directly from Kaulantak Nath himself (or from very seasoned Kaulachari practitioners).

The concept of Mantra will be described in a future post; for now we can know that a Mantra has many different layers to it; not only is it great voice work, relaxing for the body and has beautiful ancient words and meanings. Most importantly it is a tool for synchronising subtle vibrations. Each Mantra is specifically designed and composed by combinations of potent sound syllables. This is because each sound syllable has an original source, power and character. Imagine how a spectrum of colours can be used in a painting for different effects and expressing things on different levels. Instead of the materials being brushes and paint it is our own body that we use as a tool and vehicle! By letting our body voice the Mantra we are connecting with the source of the sound syllables since they physically and subtly affect, trigger and awaken specific chakras (energy wheels) in us and our 5 koshas (our five layers of bodies/being).



Omkara. OM or AUM. is the most known mantra, frequently written about online and most of us have heard and read about it. Instead of me repeating information that is circulating or trying to re-explain what Kaulantak Nath has told me; I invite you to start practicing it for yourself. Let this mantra speak for itself.



The path of Siddhas. This mantra is a salutation to all the highly evolved souls, self-realized, enlightened beings and masters who carry immense knowledge and abilities. They are all connected to various lineages and Siddha traditions since all of them have needed to walk different paths to become who/what they are. In simple words; by chanting this mantra we invoke and increase connection/association/resonance with the essence of Siddha. If you are very interested; download the free book “The message of Siddhas” from the official web page of Kaulantak Peeth and have a read:



Maha Himalaya. In short, there is no other place on earth where the concentration of practicing Sadhakas, Yogis and Siddhas is that high. And it is so because Himalaya is the place where the original Guru-disciple tradition has kept itself alive, most in secret. Until a future post about Maha Himalaya see Kaula Bhairavs post:

By chanting this exquisite mantra one salutes this sacred place, increases the essence of Himalaya within oneself as well as supports and sustains the true source, the mother board of conscious evolution.



Reverence to the council of Guru Mandala. Here is a brief description of what this is knowing that no words and not even the sound of music will ever be enough: Guru Mandala is a council of Gurus, some on earth in deep Himalayas and some in higher realms of reality. They are all Siddha masters in different fields of existence and spiritual practice. Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath has been a disciple of 38 of these Gurus in various intensity during his life and this is the source of his immense knowledge.

One example Ishaputra told me about in Sweden, it is also available on the official web page of Kaulantak Peeth and it beautifully says:

His Guru Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji Maharaj instructed Ishaputra to visit a village in Assam to study Tantra and Aghora under a mysterious Bhairavi known as ‘Jayendra Bhairavi Ji’ or ‘Daian Maa’. She is one of the thirty eight gurus of Ishaputra. This lady guru is so mysterious that even her family has no idea of her being a siddha of highest order in field of Tantra and Aghora. Even though she has never visited Himachal Pradesh, she and Ishaputra’s satguru Shree Siddha Siddhanta Nath Ji Maharaj have astral communications.

By chanting this mantra we are saluting and connecting with the sacred circle of compassionate and intelligent Siddha masters who collectively are called Guru Mandala.



Guru Mantra. This is the mantra one sees in the beginning of every post on this blog. Why? For lack of better words, this is the mantra where one salutes the ultimate Guru. Master of the concept of Time, Life force/ Light and Maya. The one who will lead you to master the veils of the sensory world (Matrika/Matrix). Without connection to this tattva / essence of Guru, there is no spiritual growth in this day and age. Nowadays even the most spiritual societies have lost the Guru-disciple tradition where the Guru is still connected and in communion with the greater universal Gurus. Kaulantak Peeth in Himalaya, is still keeping this tradition alive through Ishaputra – Kaulantak Nath and his divine manifestation on earth.


How do we chant? Maybe we are already planning to go to Himalaya for the opportunity to be in the presence of Kaulantak Nath and the Bhairav-Bhairavis in Kaulantak Peeth, or maybe we just want to try these mantras in the comfort of our own space and see the effects. If one is interested and drawn to know how exactly to chant these mantras the opportunity will come for that person to learn. A suggestion is to chant from the core of heart, for all that is worth no matter how we do it….calling upon guidance, finding soothing comfort knowing there are beings who exist to support our evolution. We open ourselves up by showing reverence and respect to all who have walked miles and miles before us, paving the dark and unknown paths with their light.

It is suggested to use Rudraksha beads (108 beads reciting the mantra in cycles of 108 repetitions), red coloured sitting asana (mat) and wearing red clothing facing towards the direction of Himalaya. In the contact section of this blog you can send a message if you have further comments or questions.




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